About Me

MeI am currently completing my last year at the University of Oregon. I am majoring in public relations and electronic media–both majors from the School of Journalism and Communication–and am receiving a minor in business administration. I have participated in several clubs at the U of O, including DuckU,the only on-campus student-run variety television show, and Allen Hall Public Relations,a student-run PR firm working with local businesses. My current client for AHPR is the Lane County Veterinary Medical Association, and I am working to promote their pro-bono spay and neuter campaign. I am hoping to move back to Portland after graduating and pursue a career in PR; however, I would also love to live in Seattle and Northern California. I am interested in social media, marketing, event planning, public affairs, crisis management and any area of PR. I also love entertainment, fashion, health/food, and the outdoors.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. just a comment

    Hey, found you on twitter and decided to check out your blog.. i ended up reading the whole thing. Your honesty, and reading your journey is cool, keep at it – it’s a good career booster as well in your industry, as well as mine – marketing… i’m a student too =)

  2. Thanks for your feedback! It took awhile getting comfortable with sharing my ideas to basically anyone, but I enjoy it! Good luck with your studies 🙂

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